2015 Comagrav Digi 1730


Industrial flatbed cutting machine for cutting, engraving and routing

Comagrav Digi 1730

Year: 2015
Max. size: 1700 x 3000mm

Equipped with:
Camera recognition system
Ceramic spindle 24000rpm
PILOT extended 3D control system
Becker vacuum pump

Dust Extractor

Material: Acrylic glass plexiglass, Dibond, Aluminum, PVC, ABS, Wood,Mdf….


Work surface size – active cutting part

1700 x 3000 mm

Maximum height of cut material

60 mm

Working feed speed

1150 mm/s - 69 m/min

Maximum acceleration

3000 mm/s2


0,00076 mm

Spindle power

up to 2 kW


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