Triple Eyeletting Machine HANG 87 F

 Triple Eyeletting machine

Eyelet offset adjustable by handwheel

- smallest distance between right and middle eyelet head 50 mm

- smallest distance between left and middle eye head 70 mm

- greatest distance between the two outer heads 320 mm

Working depth 240 mm (with foot switch)
Working depth 300 mm (3-point release with micro switch)

Suitable for contracts, policies, multi-sheet form sets, loose-leaf binders etc.

With self-punching eyelets: up to 30 sheets with 80 g/m2 paper

With pre-punched material: up to approx. 50 sheets

For medium series/batches

With automatic, easily changeable eyelet feeding

Available for eyelets with inner diameters of 3 - 8 mm

Feed table with adjustable rear and side stops

Release via 3-point release in rear and side stops or release via foot switch

Braking motor

Electric part counter

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