CP Bourg

CP Bourg single clamp binder

- clamp opening and closing: pneumatic
- automatic clamp return
- automatic pre-clamping of bookblock
- 2 slitting knifes
- cut-milling device adjustable 0-3mm
- 2 aplication rollers
- amount of glue on spine adjustable
- heating temperature glue adjustable: 0-200°C
- coverpress
- suction cover feeder, pile height 150mm
- operation control panel
- delivery conveyor

technical details:
- booksize:
length: min. 140mm, max. 330mm
height: min. 120mm, max. 250mm
thickness: min. 1,5mm, max. 40mm

- coversize:
length: min. 240mm, max. 600mm
width: min. 130mm, max. 400mm

- coverstock thickness: min. 120g/qm, max. 300g/qm
- cycles: 450/hour

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