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first quality second hand printing machines


Importgraf, S.A. is provided with the most advanced resources and the experience necessary for cleaning and reconditioning your machines, always using non-aggressive solutions to preserve their integrity and to ensure the proper functioning; observing the manufacturer’s instructions for each solution (mechanical, electronical, pneumatical and painting) and guaranteeing finishes of the highest quality and durability.
We offer the possibility of in-deph reviews and updating of equipment by qualified technicians in each of the brands and specific tools for every case. We also provide you with original spare pieces and our own resources for the mechanization and adjustment of devices and systems, always using a quality control protocol.
We have the necessary means to make repairs, disassemblies, movements of machinery, container carrying, transport, assemblies, commissioning and training.
Part of our technical staff is prepared to make technical or economic valuations and even to make expert’s reports of all kind of graphical machinery.

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