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Windmöller & Hölscher Olympia 900



web width max. 162 cm
printing width max. 160 cm
printing length 45 – 120 cm
mechanisch mec. speed max. 300 m/min
unwind diameter max. 100 cm
rewind diameter max. 100 cm
paper 25 – 200 g/m²
LD-Polyäthylen PE-LD( min. 120 cm) min. 0,050 mm
HD-Polyäthylen PE-HD min. 0,040 mm

space requirements
length ca. 18,0 m
Width incl. Work space (without switch cabinet)
height ca. 5,4 m
net weight ca. 53.000 kg
electrical consumption
Motore engins 135 kW
water 5 – 20 Liter/min
fresh air max. 2.330.000 kJ
( 554.750 kcal/h)
air pressure ca. 40 Liter/min

Drying system in the print decks (between the decks)
Heat channel with heat exchange
heating unit in the bridge
heating unit with heat exchange
current heating medium is thermal oil working with a heat exchanger. Can
also be used with another heat source, such as gas, electric or different.
The blowing units for the heating of the print decks and bridge are standing
separately in our factory. They belong to the press.

Cooling cylinder after heat dryer (water)
Single unwinding for max. 1.000 m roll diameter,
with axis for 76 mm core, with hydraulic roll lift system
Single rewinding for 1.000 m roll diameter,
with axis for 76 mm core, with hydraulic roll lift system
Reduction of web tension for continuous reduction for rolls over 800 mm diameter
Control of the side edges GWD before print and before rewinding.
Web inspection FIFE No. 1, also equipped for larger speeds,
suitable for all our print length
Web inspection Eltromat-Video (not in operation)
7 switches for length register during print
one before the automatic roll winding and cutting device
A cutting knife for length cut can be set all 10 mm
On the traverse of the cutting unit of the counter rolls there are 11 individual
knife holder.
The press is equipped with 5 lamps a 80 Watt/cm, model IST.
Not connected to the control of the press. This unit has to be repaired.
For the print of normal solvent inks or water based inks the UV-unit is not

chromed anilox cylinders with NSC-special coating, diameter 187,90 mm.
Anilox cylinders
2 pcs screen 80
5 pcs screen 140
Ceramic anilox cylinders with special coating diameter 187,90 mm
6 pcs screen 140
7 doctor blades

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