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FA 35 4/4


Machine information: This professional high speed folder can produce very small size pharmaceutical inserts and leaflets with a non stop feeder, 4 pockets and a retractable 4 pockets cross unit. The machine can be used with 4 pockets straight folding and also with the retractable all buckle cross folder for a 4/4 situation. The sheets can be perforated or creased lengthwise completely with a simple handling. The machine is coming with an extra small size stacker delivery. Settings can be made for programming, counter, batch counter etc. Specifications: Type: FA35/4 SVA35 VAR & FA35/4 AR.1 Non stop feeder system 4 Pockets and 4 pockets cross Creasing- and perforating wheels Retractable delivery conveyor belt (standard) Retractable delivery conveyor belt (very small size) All safeties on the machine (including soundhoods) Digital panel operation and controls for speed, (batch-) counting etc. Min. papersize: 60 x 90 mms Max. papersize: 350 x 500 mms Min. fold: 15 mms Paperweight: 30 - 180 gsm
:FA 35 4/4
:in production