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  1. BOBST SPO 1575 EEG

    1976 Bobst SPO 1575 EEG

    Size :105,5 x 157,5
    administration - Vacuum cutting section cleaning section 1mm disc system inverter new motor vacuum pump Centerline removal of waste...

  2. 1986 Bobst Autoplatine SP102-E

    1986 Bobst Autoplatine SP102-E

    Size :72x102
    Non Stop Feeder Pull and push lays left and right side Centerline 1mm cutting plate Quick Lock Top Stripping Frame Stripping...

  3. 1994 Bobst Autoplatine SP103-E

    1994 Bobst Autoplatine SP103-E

    Size :72 x 103
    Podium Non-Stop Feeder Stream Feeder 2x side guides (CS) and (CE) with double sheet control 2x fast set-up cutter frame Micrometric...

  4. 2005 Bobst SPeria 106 E

    2005 Bobst SPeria 106 E

    Size :74 x 106
    Stripping section Prepared for die-cut PVC, PET etc. Ready for stamping Equipped with a hob and ionizer...

  5. 2010 Bobst  Novacut

    2010 Bobst Novacut

    Size :74 x 106
    No stripping Unit Equipment for IML foil die-cutting Anti-static Non-stop Feeder Non-stop Delivery...

  6. 2005 Bobst Speria 106E

    2005 Bobst Speria 106E

    Size :74x106
    Size max: 740x1060 mm Size min: 400x350 mm Speed: 7 700 ark/h Cleaning section (top and bottom, punch with cleaning set and with own...

  7. 2008 HEIDELBERG Dymatrix 105CSB

    2008 Heidelberg Dymatrix 105CSB

    Size :75x105
    Electronic Touch Screen Control Anti static equipment on feeder Non Stop Feeder Model W4 Stripping...

7 Item(s)

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